You do the math..

Scene: Collingwood Safeway

Date: after work between the-tram-ride and the being-at-home

Players: Michelle, Fox, Check-out Operator

Props: 1 loaf of bread, 1 box of cornettos, 2 x 5 dollar bills

Check-out Operator: That'll be $10.50 cents please.

Fox: oh noes! *rummages for wallet*

Michelle: no! we need change.

Fox: *opening wallet*

Michelle:no no! I need change! for the tram! don't do that!

Fox: *rummaging for change in her wallet giving Michelle a strange look*

Michelle: *arms beginning to flail, voice rising in modulation and volume* no NO! don't give her 50 cents! I need the change *talking directly to the Check-out Operator* don't take the money, give me the change!

Check-out Operator: *clutching 2 x 5 dollar bills looking at Michelle with a bewildered look on her face*

Michelle:*confused as to why Fox is insisting on giving this Check-out Operator money and why the Check-out Operator is refusing to comply*

Fox: *paying the extra 50 cents* you noob, we didn't have enough *money*!

Michelle:*penny drops* Oh.