More live blogging (rambling) - from Kent Street

So dinner was great - I had kingfish and wasabi mayonnaise and willo had curried chicken don and Fox had miso soup cos she wasn't all that hungry.

Trams are tramming past, and music is music'ing on - Fox is reading the interwebs and Willo is finishing is curried chicken don. Emma, the lovely hostestsis pulling up a stool just outside the door to smoke a cigarette. Tomorrow is Friday. Last day of the week. Then it's the weekend. Fox and I have a couple of easy things to do this weekend - the most anticipated being the collection of our Holga photos. not that we took photos of Holgas, but rather that we took photos with our Holgas.

Tomorrow is also the last day of February, and a leap year 29th. This day is supposed to be the day that women can ask men to marry them. It is also the day for "a day in the life" a photographic project that Tracey from has proposed (heh). the gist is to take a photo every hour of the day to chronicle a day in your life. I'm doing it - I hope to take at least one photo of a senior member of staff having intimate chats at work - you can tell when she's doing it cos no one ever looks at Excel with such a whistful smile, giggling softly to themselves while licking their lips which sounds entirely more alluring than it actually *is*. I may not succeed in my task, but I'll give it a go so you can see how highly paid directors abuse their positions given half a chance and an internet connection.

I'm playing scrabulous on Facebook too - what the hell kind of words can I make from LSCIIVG?? far OUT>]!!