Live Blogging: Kent Street

Kent Street rocks.. not just because of the jaffles (tho the jaffles are reallly good); not just because of the beer (the beers are reallly good); not just because of the wasabi peas; (really really good) not just because of the Space Invaders game table we have rested our iBooks on - but mostly because we can order at PekoPeko from next door and they will bring us our food to eat here at Kent Street. Not *only* will they bring it, when I went to order it, the girl there said "I wondered when you'd be over." and the beer - did I mention the beer? Kent Street is good cos of the beer. And the free wireless. And the beer.

So here we are - the usual suspects - listening to the DJ's eclectic music, waiting for our Japanese food to be delivered from next door, drinking beer, and trying to not lose all will to live during work hours talk about work. I'm drinking beer, and using Fox's laptop. so may very well elaborate on that theme.

I just told Willo I am "live blogging from Kent Street, letting the internets know what and when everything happens here tonight" and he asked if I'd just typed that, and I said I hadn't and he said "Why not??" and I had to admit I am a very slow typer and was still talking about the beer at Kent Street and then Fox came back from upstairs and he told her the news that I was "Blogging from Kent Street" but that I was "slow and hadn't blogged that he'd asked if I'd blogged that" and she said "What??" and so he said "Mish is blogging from Kent Street and she hadn't blogged that I'd asked 'did you blog that?'" and she rolled her eyes and then Willo said "And my next cookies.." with a rather large arm flourish "..will be ANZACS!" because he's been baking cookies lately and Fox asked "What about peanut butter??" and willo said "oooooooooo my mum's got a great recipe for peanut butter cookies!" and Fox said"With macadamias?" and willo said"No, with peanuts."

and then he said "That was a mega-ywan" cos Fox had just yawned and he asked me "Did you blog *that*??" and I said "NO COS I WAS BLOGGING ABOUT THE COOKIES!!!1!" and HE rolled his eyes and said "That's not Live blogging, that's Ten Seconds Ago blogging."

I need another beer and bam.. our food arrived. more soon. nom nom nom....