Thursday Things

I had an interesting day. Had a meeting and was on my best behaviour, had lunch with Fox, witnessed two confrontational incidents (one on the tram, one domestic outside the supermachet: even the druggie beggar girl outside Safeway has a boyfriend: I am truly alone forev0r), bought some makeup, purchased a new cardigan, bought baked beans and danish butter - but the real high-points are below:

  • buying two new books from Hill of Content

  • drinking coffee at Pellegrini's

  • listening to the barista at Pellegrini's say "What do you two loosers want?" when taking an order from a customer (I love grumpy people)

  • telling the guy at Paperback Books that I had finally made a decision about which book to buy and he saying he knew something must've happened cos there was a change in the wind (I'd been in his store quite a long time)

  • reading one of my three new books at Cafe Five while drinking hot chocolate

  • drinking fruit/vegetable juice with a celery kicker at DeGraves with Eroica

  • surprised to be offered a seat by a young man on the crowded tram (I said "why?" when he offered me his seat, he said "Because I'm nice" and I said "oh, what I meant to say was 'thank you'" does this mean I'm officially elderly? Fox reckons it's cos I'm a bewildered kiwi)

  • going to Peko Peko for dinner

  • drinking plum wine and scoffing edamame while waiting for Fox

  • ordering two more plum wines (more for me, one for the Fox when she arrived) and a bottle of sake (mostly for me but for Fox too)

  • drinking plum wine with a squeeze of lemon vowing never to drink it any other way

  • giving Fox the name of the sake which I had gleaned from the waitress (the job Fox had tasked me with a few days earlier)

  • ordering salmon sashimi, sweet potato gyoza and eggplant ohmygodio (that's not actually Japanese)

  • looking up to find Willo staring in at us from outside

  • welcoming Willo to dinner, and encouraging him to order beer, share the sake, try the lemony plum wine and eat the eggplant ohmygodio

  • ordering one last plum wine and making Fox and Willo hang about while I finished it

  • knocking over and smashing an empty beer bottle from another table while putting my coat on (won't technically make you happy but thought I'd mention it cos it made a great noise it makes as it smashes to smitherines)

  • mushy DVD hunting

  • showered, pyjama'd and softly sozzled in bed with my new books, ibook, and bulleted lists

Happy Thursday. Goodnight Melbourne.