Furry Espionage

Secret SquirrelDavid: so, listen.. in Iran or Iraq they arrested a bunch of spies and it turns out they're squirrels
Michelle: what, wait, what did you say? Squirrels?
David: Yeh, Squirrels.
Michelle: The furry animal: squirrels?
David: yeh! and, but wait, they were British squirrels which are the most cunning of all squirrels.
Michelle: I don't think there are any squirrels native to Iran or Iraq anyway, so those spy squirrels'd be pretty conspicuous. Maybe they should have used snakes, they might've blended in more.
David: Hehe, yeh.
Michelle: You know, I don't believe that story about spy squirrels.
David: Geeze Mum, they were just squirrels.

spy among us

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