Winter Getaway

The flight had been turbulent. Flying through the endless, unpredictable storm clouds that had buffeted our trip, they disappeared as we descended to land at Insanity International Airport.

Nestled in the valley between snow capped Mt Prosac to the North and the formidable sight of Denial Range to the South, the seaside town of Insanity is sheltered from much of the wintery blasts that blow up from the Great Corporate Ice Shelf.

The journey is arduous, but the destination sublime. There is a true sense of tranquility in the air as we walked the pleasent and scenic route from the airport to our accommodation. One of the main reasons Insanity is such a popular destination for the weary is the incredible ability for the township to maintain consistant 5-star accommodation across all it's offerings. From Bed and Breakfasts, to multistoried apartments, the level of comfort is not equaled anywhere else.

While most tourists aren't much interested in the food, there is a great number of specialty eateries. For those who lean towards food as part of their city tours, a visit to Insanity isn't complete without including the famous Gorge Chocolate Grotto and the incredibly popular TakeOut Heave n' Go. This hamburger restaurant was especially designed for those bingers and purgers who require soft, doughy foods. This eatery in particular is an example of co-operation between some of the world's most famously competitive brands of burger.

By far and away the most popular passtime in Insanity is drinking alcohol. While drug use has increased over the years, it isn't making inroads to a market where the sheer availability of booze swamps out any competition. Everyone is merry. Everyone is having a good time. Everyone looks fabulous. Everyone loves a drunk and all drunks love Insanity.

But we hadn't come to Insanity for the usual tourist traps, as well padded and user-friendly as they may be - we came for one thing: the highly specialised straightjacket tailoring.