When I rule the world..

By cheesus that's an ugly car - god people suck - who'd buy a car like that. Gar I hate people. So many people to hate - so little time.
You can't bend everybody to fit into your Universe, you know
I think there should be only one kind of car and every time you go, say, to the Supermarket you drive your car there, park it, do your shopping. When you come out again, you take the nearest car - might not be the one you arrived in - just pick it up and take it home.
what if it was low on fuel?
If it was an electric car, whenever you parked you could charge it - each car park would have a charging socket so they're all ready to go all the time.
Yeh, that'd work
And we should do that with umbrellas, too - have umbrellas on buses to pickup if it's raining when you're ready to get off or leave on the bus if it's fine after all.
You know you're only saying this cos your car was stolen and.. where's your umbrella?
My umbrella was in my car
Heh. Sucks to be you.