Sunday, May 21, 2006 at 09:35 PM

davinci code

dan brown pinched the idea from michael bagent's holy blood and the holy grail.

took so much from his book they felt their intellectual property had been breached.

dan brown acknowledge the author by using a character with the anagram of baigent's name
who didnt think that was good enough

the holy grail as a person.. as blood.. as the womb .. jesus' bloodline >> mary magdaline

Opus Dei

the trouble is that this is fiction and most people are too stupid to know this.. they clasp onto the idea and change history because of it

based on facts, christians require evidence (?) the bible? why not davinci code?
no new testiment evidence until about 150 years after jesus/ death

baigent lost the court case - enough wasn't taken to constitute a legal infringement

the jesus papers... baigent

4th century and created a theological jesus and lost the real jesus/history


jesus wasn't considered devine.. until many years after his death

325 (creed)

4th century spin

lets get back to an historical jesus.. more compatible with christianity, jewdism and islam
how many rivers of blood have to flow til we agree on what name to give to god

patrick reilly
the notion the degree that doctrin was fabricated in the 4th and all the christians started beliving by unscrupulous group flies in the face of human pyschology

important and true - people believe..ldavinci code