Quality Time

me: that's a cool looking QuadBike.
you: That's a very cool looking QuadBike.
me: Oh it's like a beautiful bracelet I saw in that shop earlier. It was wide, enamelled panels - purply, with all these bits and beads and crystals and chains all over but in a good way but what was really cool was that right in the centre of the centre enamalled panel was this sparkly ladybug with it's wings half open...
you: What the hell does that have to do with QuadBikes?
me: if you let me finish you'll see that..
you: Arg! so you said you saw this bracelet and I thought cool, a QuadBike bracelet.. then you said it was wide enamelled panels and I thought you were going to say they had QuadBikes on them then you said it had all this stuff and chains and stuff and I thought maybe it had a QuadBike on it then you said right in the centre there was something sparkly and I thought it better be a frickin' QUADBIKE and it was a *ladybug* ? how the hell do you go from "thats a cool QuadBike" to "ladybugs"?
me: the QuadBike's wheel guards look like the ladybugs wings half open.
you: You suck.
me: Can you top telling me that I suck, it's not very nice.
you: Ok. You "teh rock".
me: You are using different words but you're still mean that I suck, don't you?
you: Yes.