Thursday Burnday

I've somehow managed to accumulate more burns in one morning than I've had in 10 years. Let me recount the ways...

  1. Packing leftovers for lunch this morning, I decided to flavour up a somewhat bland pasta dish with sweet chilli sauce. Mmmmm....delicious....oh wait, what's THAT sensation? That would be my epithilial cells falling prey to the scorched earth policy of my lunch! Aiiieeeee....damn you delicious but evil sweet chilli sauce.
  2. Said lunch required reheating in yonder microwave. Apparently microwave energy converts water to steam....go figure. Fingers are over rated anyway I suppose. Lesson to be learned here - stop, drop and roll is useless for steam burns to metacarpel phalanges. Useless but amusing to bystanders.
  3. Friction burn: do I need to go further? OK. As I heroically dismounted from my scooter my pants had a difference of opinion with my thigh. Skin was singed and hair lost. My only saving grace was that Hereford St carpark is deserted at 0658.
I'm being punished for something. I'm not sure what yet but I'm pretty sure it was worth it if the punishment is anything to go by!