Oh, did I tell you I was going to Melbourne? Yeh, not only am I going to Melbourne, but, i'm actually *here*.

I even caught a bus. This whole public transport thing seems to be catching on - everyone's doing it! Here in Melbourne - where I am. If you didn't know - you do now.

Oh wow, saw the BEST movie on the plane. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - yeh I know I'm late to it, but I missed it at the Rialto - it's screening fell somewhere in those dark times when the Rialto was being renovated and so I missed it. So, so funny - so, so good. I was barking out loud laughing at times and making the guy next to me wish he hadn't selected The World's Fastest Indian (what was he THINKING?). And Serenity, which I've seen before but like enough to see again (and again?) even if it got cut short by the landing preparations.

Right, I'm off to buy pyjamas because I have sneaky feeling I didn't pack any - i have an early morning memory of throwing them off in a fit of dressing and don't think they landed in the bag.

the bag i packed to bring to Melbourne.
cos I'm here.
in Melbourne.
in case you didn't know.