Sound your horn - that'll move the traffic, yes sir. So many car alarms, so few off switches. I see dumb people walking around like regular people. They don't even know they're dumb. It scares me as much as it scares Haley Joel. How many cute child actors grow up fugly? most - esp. the boys but not Rick Schoder, no siry.

My ear hurts. My ear is 4 years old. It gets achey. It says things like "I don't want to go to school" in a whiney voice. It wants cotton wool to comfort it and bed to cushion it. My ear is a big baby. I don't like my ear. The other one's okay - it's just this one, on the side of my head - attention seeking that's what I reckon.

Someone taped a sign to the office door "[company name] Crache" - what does that mean? do they think we're all babies in here? do they hear us crying in the night? do they catch us napping in the afternoons? It's a joke that I don't get. One of the babies took the sign down. That solves that problem.

Bang crashing tearing building down clouds of dust and rubble changing the face of the city to make it the same as it always is. What fun to swing a digger's bucket face into a wall of concrete and steel over and over until it cracks and breaks and slams into the rest of the brockery in a cloud of dust and noise. I can feel the vibrations through the earth and up the pillars from the energy it takes to tear these structures down. My sternum rattles as if I were at a musicless rock concert. After a while the repetitive sound clenches my jaw like twice a week when the vending machine man puts more coke cans into the slots with one of God's Most Annoying Clatters.

The clicks and the scrolls: annoying. Most clicky clicky working noises but the tapping tapping typing noises means no worky no sir - no one works like that. Ears can tell. Leaky leaky information even when you don't mean to. One man's intuition is another man's confusion as I am learning oh so well here in this place of a thousand voices and no decisions. That's not true - there are as many decisions as voices but no eyes to see the global shape or impact. Look after number one, mind your own butt and cash the paycheque. Move along. All care, no responsibility.

No, I don't know where you know me from. You are completely unfamiliar to me and your constant staring is making me feel uncomfortable. Girls like me aren't used to such scrutiny. You're cute though, I'll give you that but look away and stop trying to place me you're probably mistaken. Your eyes are so dark, how did they get so dark? for goodness sakes, look at something else will you look, pretty clouds! no, really, we've never met before, lets talk about something different.