Lost Feng Shui

The Working Committee for the Smooth Operation of thejamjar.com has filed a report damning the working procedures that have been implemented for 2006. Seems they suck. Seems they suck *so bad* that half the Committee has resigned and the other half has retired to their local Hotel to drown their sorrows.

The official statement from Management claims the new protocols seemed "like a good idea at the time" but "aren't working as expected" and "suck. Suck real bad.." They also mentioned a series of "technical hitches" that have meant updating an online presence has been delayed. Although there are many glitches in processes around the Smooth Operation of thejamjar.com, the basic Feng Shui can't be addressed until the next round of Budget Allocations.

Management, meantime, will be reviewing the Working Committee's findings and formulating a plan to address the issues.

But first, they need coffee.