Movie: Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith (or as we say in the Old Country: "Danger, Wil Robinson!")

My expectations weren't that high, you know? the last two movies saw to that. I'd read some reviews - something I don't usually do before a movie - and the general opinion was this was a better movie than was expected: darker, stronger, better, longer etc.


10 minutes in I was saying it was dumb.

20 minutes in I realised it was even dumber.

by 40 minutes I was considering what else I could be doing with my time.

But I stuck it out.

I'm not sure I was *supposed* to find parts as funny as I found them - no.. not the cute corny stuff, that was just nausiating. No - parts like when Anakin spontaniously combusted; now *that* was funny. And how come they didn't take his burnt clothes off before patching him up and dressing him in his DV outfit? complete with voice-changer in the mouthpiece of the mask ($14.95 from The Warehouse)

I don't think I'm the only kiwi who cringes having to put up with Dr Ropata in space, ow.

Speaking of "ow" .. that's what the robotic troops say when they're diced by light saber "ow, ow .. ow ow o..." or.. if they get oil in their eyes.

It's just crap.

Oh and, if you do go and see it, check out that *everyone* has bad-plastic hair, just like Mr Lucas himself. Thank god that's over and he's never gonna make another one cos he's not good enough at it. Though, he's off to remake Indianna Jones - now he's learned how to ruin a good thing I guess there's no stopping him, or his hair.