tv tonight = me

Television knows I'm in tonight. It also knows to be nice to me as well, so it's lined up a bunch of my favourite shows to keep me happily ensconced on the sofa.

The Simpsons - the episode where Bart is put on the drug Focasyn and becomes first, the model child, then a complete paranoid, steals a tank and goes on a tankdriving rampage.
Antiques Roadshow - flicking between this and Fear Factor not really watching either but pleased they were on.
Lost Souls - seemed like a good idea and possibly still is but.. well.. i need to watch it some more. characters and script's a bit dodge.
American Beauty
Odd Fellows Gala


in my kitchen there's a drawer at the top
it has cutlery, forks knives, spoons the lot
the next draw has a big knife
with things that should go in the top drawer but don't fit
and the third drawer down from the top
is just fulla shit

Danny Bhoy
danny? wanna go for a run? why? are we being chased?
what the hell is museli?
want some museli danny?
what's that?
it's kinda sawdust and raisins.
that's not breakfast, that's scone mix!

The Empire Strikes Back
"away put your weapon, i mean you no harm"