Formula One Fiasco in Indianapolis

OMG.. did you SEE this?? can you believe this? 3 Teams/6 Cars - what a joke!


Michael Campbell Wins the US Open

I don't know much about golf, but I know about time: last time a kiwi won a major golf anything was the year I was born so that was a bloody long time ago. Nice even par Mr Campbell!


Lara Croft Gets Married

Was it just me? or was there zero chemistry between Pitt and Jolie? Plenty of bullets - not enough bullet-proof vests. Bit like War of the Roses meets The Fast'r and the Furious'r [or something equally as dumb but with lots of explosions)

I think this'd be a great date movie: Pitt for her, Jolie for him - nothing to concentrate on so it's okay to make-out in the theatre.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: I did have a smile in Mr&MrsS - the guy wearing the Fight Club t-shirt. And hearing Joe Strummer's vocals on a couple of songs. Oh, and the extremely distressed walls of their hotel room in La Paz. But not in that order.

Mouse:  6 months old

And now to the weather.. it's dark and.. cold.. and Mouse smells of winter: chimney smoke and outside.