FQ1: Something you like to do or say that's considered to be bad.

There's a word I use - rarely, but I argue: appropriately - that, in mixed company - hell, in _most_ company - is unacceptable. The wrath that follows its use usually comes from another woman within earshot and so I am careful where I use it. I nearly always use it to describe a man, funnily enough. It's a four letter word and I'm not going to say it here today.

FQ2: Something you like to watch or listen to that's considered to be bad.

I like to download midi files and listen to them over and over. That's actually more like a "dirty little secret" but now it's out, I'm sure it will be thought of as bad in some quarters.

I know my television viewing habits are considered slightly unusual given my gender (Formula 1, Top Gear, League) but I think it's my passion for the first few seasons of Fear Factor seems to get peoples noses screwed up as I describe the stunts - especially the food challenges!

FQ3: Something you like to eat or drink that's considered to be bad.

My food consumption is only considered "bad" by the company I am with. A vegetarian friend, for instance, might considering my order of rare lamb to be "bad". Or someone who doesn't like tamerillos having to watch me gobble those eggshaped droplets of tastey goodness into my mouth might consider that "bad".

I wished, for a moment there, I could have answered this question with "dolphin fillets" or "whale spam" or something.

FQ ASSOCIATION: Tell us something "bad" you associate with the following ten words:

movie: Phantom of the Opera

song: anything by Celine Dion/My Little Venus by The Feelers (I hear the word 'penis' when they sing 'venus' and the lyrics are just too painfully appropriate for an entire 3 minutes)

television: The Biggest Loser

place: the airport and watching my Love leave

book: The DaVinci Code

taste: Lemon flavoured Panadol Soluable

smell: bad salmon

sound: fingernails on a chalkboard

touch: Slime (long chain polymers *shudder*)

sight: 'dogeared' page folds/crooked pictureframes on a wall/bushy unkempt eyebrows