FQ1: Your favorite sweet food? When did you last have it?

PAVLOVA.. *mouth watering at the very thought* mmm pavlova. the only thing white marshmellows come second to. I like my white sugar dissolved in eggwhite; light and fluffy with fresh softly whipped cream (but not too much - just the perzact pav=>cream ratio). I can't remember the last time I had pavlova. When I say Pavlova I am not talking about that Cowells store-bought stuff either, I'm talking about homemade pav with a crusty top and gooey light centre that every wicked kiwi housewife can make.

It's a bit like watermelon to my tastebuds - and greed - I can't just have one slice. Oh no.. I keep at it til it's all gone and well.. seeing as a normal Pavlova has 2.5 cups of castor sugar one's waistline could do without THAT. *mouth still watering* so i live in quiet lust for the dessert most often made for Christmas (because i love licking the bowl too) (is really very tragic in some areas of my life)

FQ2: Your favorite salty food? When did you last have it?

I don't really like salt. I don't use it for anymore than seasoning when cooking, and don't put a shaker on the dinner table. I suppose the closest I would get to a salty food are olives. But, are they salty? See people say some things are salty and I don't find them so. Natural body salts are quite nice *mind wandering off down pathways YOU do not need to hear about* and it's been far too long since.. mm licked and mmm...tasted and mm.. *drifts*

FQ3: Your favorite sour food? When did you last have it?

First thing that springs to mind are sour snakes.. but they're not a food. Sweet and sour asian stirfry is nice sometimes - particularly fish when made with fish (worries about this sentence but leaves it be as still weak from thinking about body salts from previous paragraph). I think though, my most favourite sour food'd have to be lemons. I used to eat them as a kid like most people eat oranges. I haven't eaten lemon since I ran out of gin last month.

FQ EDIBLE A: What's the best thing you've ever tasted?

A pinot noir. I read the label but have never been able to recall the name or find it's like. But the things that wine did to the insides of my mouth, the way it smoothed across my tongue and warmed my heart and head will stay with me for years.

FQ EDIBLE B: The most horrible thing you've ever tasted?

Liver.. always liver. and kidney..arg.. the texture of cooked kidney *gag* hate hate HATE it. actually anything from that part of an animal.. offal and animal arseholes go against my "never put anything in your mouth that isn't delicious" Life Rule. *breaking the rule and eating it lately cos it's good for me* *grimace* oh.. the other thing that tastes FOUL is that horrible flushing stuff they make you drink before a colonoscopy. I can't even describe how hard you have to concentrate to get THAT down your throat only to have it explode out your other end with firey violence 30 minutes later. Like when Apu cleans out all the grease from the hotdog cooker and so Homer "can taste is the hog anus".

okay i'm going to stop typing now because there was a line that was crossed and I'm not even scolling back to find it.

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