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Lunatics in charge of the boardrooms

You always suspected it, but now there is scientific evidence - many bosses are psychopaths who shouldn�t be allowed to look after a cat, let alone staff.

A recent British study, backed by psychologists and management consultants here, found that a sample of senior executives scored higher on measures of histrionic, narcissistic and obsessive-compulsive personality disorders than a group of disturbed criminals. These personality disorders are characterised by superficial charm, lack of empathy and perfectionism.

However, unlike the criminals, the managers scored much lower on antisocial, borderline and paranoid personality dimensions, characterised by aggression, impulsiveness and mistrust.

The findings are no surprise to Auckland counsellor Dr John McEwan, who helps at least one person a week traumatised by toxic bosses. In the workplace, they become bullies, terrorising staff with abusive and manipulative behaviour, and creating a climate of fear. He said the key to picking psychopathic behaviour is their warped logic, a lack of empathy, and a refusal to take responsibility for problems.

Management consultant Andrea Needham advocated better recruitment and ongoing leadership and mentoring programmes to stop the problem.


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