Tuesday Movies

I decided to mosey over to the Rialto in Newmarket to see a movie I'd spotted on their website. School for Seduction was due to start at 8:50pm and I was running a little late. Seems I wasn't late at all - due entirely to the fact I may be able to read maps, but the cinema timetable trips me up over and over and the movie doesn't start until *thursday* (!! arg.. I make this mistake about once a month.. it drives me bonkers) So I paid for the next movie, The Motorcycle Diaries which started at 9:15pm. Part of my movie-going-decision was based on time - I had to pick Simon up from work at 11:20pm and the movie didn't get out til then, so I txt'd him with news of my expected lateness and took my $2:80 flat white coffee (what a bargain) into the theatre.

The Rialto theatres are really quite old, and really quite ugly and uncomfortable. Seats fold up, no leg room, noisey stairs for those girls and their tiny bladders. I've never understood that - why don't people go before they settle in for the movie? Imagine being on a "hike" in "nature" with these chickies, you'd have to be stopping and averting your gaze every 20-30 minutes. That's the trouble with the young women of today - weak pelvic floor muscles. Squeeze dammit - I hate that clomp clomp clomping of dumb-girl-shoes in the middle of a movie.


The movie.

What a good movie. Solid, beautifully shot - with a faded 50's palette and enough camera jiggling to really make it feel authentic/homemovie-ish. Driving home I was trying to figure out the word that connected me to this film, and I think I've decided that word is "intimate".

There are tons of reviews online for The Motorcycle Diaries and lots of information about Ernesto "che" Guevara - I'm not even gonna attempt any explanations or thoughts or history or anything on the matter. I'd just like you to know this is a really good movie.

The Motorcycle Diaries site (click "Traveling Music" button to hear some of the soundtrack)