Advanced Parenting: Bonding Through Music

Her, turning the volume up at each comma: I really like Usher, listen, oh yeh I love this song, arg but I don't like Ludichris' voice listen , , ,
Me, getting grumpy cos she's changed all the presets on my radio *again*:
Her, talking and singing: Usher sounds so great, and Little Johnie sounds so sweet but Ludichris sounds like he's singing into a garbage can.
Me, as pre usual: arg turn it DOWN, arg I hate this music.
Her, turing it down one click: I hate YOUR music too
Me, grumpy: what's MY music, everything that isn't THIS?
Her, inbetween singing: geeze mum, _calm_down_
Me, snapping: I hate HATE Usher, I HATE BLOODY USHER, I'm trying to be a bloody SUPPORTIVE parent and letting you listen to bloody USHER in my CAR and you're ranting on and on like there's going to be an EXAM afterwards and I just REALLY hate USHER!
Her, changing the radio station: geeze alright don't have a.. OH GOD I LOVE THIS SONG , , ,
Me, recognising the tune: Oh god, not more arg.. I HATE this kind of music.
Her, singing sweetly along:
Me, recognising the tune some more: is this that chick with the straight hair?
Her, singing and answering: yeh, this is Shikira, she's really beautiful.
Me, disagreeing as usual: arg god she's so UGLY. Is this the one featuring Missy Elliot?
Her, surprised: yeh, it is.
Me, letting it drop and proving I am a real parent: Oh, Missy Elliot, she's better looking that that Shikira - I don't mind listening to *her*
Her, still a little bit surprised I recognised the song:
Me, thinking of a song I do like: You know, Will Smith's Switch is kinda good.
Her, gasping excitedly: Oh GOD i love that song I love EVERYTHING Will Smith he's such a babe!!
Me: gonna go see Hitch?
Her, still overly excitedly: Oh god yes, I mean, I'd go see *any* movie, I love going to the movies, but I'd definately going to see that.
Me: oh.. so.. you wanna come to the movies with me tonight?
Her, dancing to the music in the passenger seat: nah, I don't think so. *singing sweetly all the way home*

Please Note: I have no idea how the singers in the above converstation spell their names, so that's my best guess and seeing as I can't STAND them on the radio in my car, I'm hardly going to GOOGLE for accuracy. Thank you for your patience cos God only knows, I didn't have any in the car.

(at least I didnt say "it all sounds the same" or start any sentence with "back in my day...")