Broccoli and Tomatoes

broccoli, tomatoes, onions and almonds

I got sidetracked there by a phone call - right. Doesn't that look nice? it was mouthwateringly surprisingly delicious. I came home with this fantasy memory of having taken chicken out of my freezer to thaw for dinner but I must've dreamed it because it wasn't true. Really really hungry though I did have fresh brocolli. I chopped it up and threw it into the pan with a good slurrup of olive oil and some thinly sliced pastrami and some almond slivers. A tomato followed as the brocolli looked kind of dry though it was turning the amazing green it does when you scare it with heat. A dollop of caramelised onion relish went in just to oompf it up and salt/pepper and that's what I had for dinner and by crikey - it was good!