The Man I Love

(this one's for you, Russell!)

*on the phone with the helpdesk guy at my new ISP, trying TRYING to get hooked up with Jetstream, Telecom's DSL - the helpguy I ask the other help guys to transfer me to*

helpguy: heh, you have three applications with us, I'll just delete a couple that were unsuccessful.
michelle: I know, the entire universe is conspiring against me.

*doing helpdeskguy things like deleting old applications and completing new applications - you know that nice quiet time when you can listen to the helpguy breathing, typing, and whispering to himself as he works*

helpguy: is that music there or here
michelle: I don't know, what can you hear
helpguy: something soft and laid back
michelle: *turning volume down* can you hear it now?
helpguy: no
michelle: then it must've been me.. it's *realises and laughs* "the man i love" by diana schuur
helpguy: *surprised and smiling tone in voice* oh you play that for me?
michelle: of course! you're getting me Jetstream! I would bear your children!
helpguy: *laughed* well don't go getting yourself into trouble!
michelle: I'm really pleased you're going to all this trouble to help me out.
helpguy: no problem, michelle, always a pleasure chatting with you. Call me tomorrow to find out what the status of your application is.