Special Treats

I bought myself a special treat yesterday - for today, if I was very good and worked hard I was allowed to stop in the mid-afternoon and draw two fresh baby salmon. Drawing is not as easy in the evening, so a precious piece of the daylight would be set aside as a reward for getting the kinks out of my feng shui.

Unfortunately, I over balanced and ended up being too busy to stop and forgot about the baby salmon shrink wrapped in my fridge. Will tomorrow be better? I hope so. Fish don't keep for ever, you see.

It's the colours. The soft greys, the tawnies, the pinks. It's the texture of shine and matt. It's the curve of a Japanese platter. It's the ordinary'ness of food. So beautiful.

Listening to the same song for a whole day on repeat's a nice thing. Comforting, rythmic, familiar. Try two days. or three.