Sunday Round-Up

Okay, I pre-empted the "men working below" thing - they're not. [Bill took a look but was stumped too - big UPS for offering though, thanks *foodge*] My comments are still suffering from an "non-fatal known bug" which really BUGS me. Having tasted the sweet fruits of comment-laden posts, I am finding it hard to write here. I want to know there are people out there *shielding eyes from spotlights, straining to see any folks in the audience* There is a guest book to the right if you care to use it. Help yourself to tea and coffee.

So - what's been happening.

Oh, I finally found Jet's "Get Born" in the Punk section (?) of Sounds and purchased it. Which made me very happy until I played it to find it has a defect across the disc that distorts the sound every er.. rotation I guess. grr, now I have to take it back. I also bought Jeff Buckley's "Grace" mostly for the Hallelujah track.

I remembered Rosie mentioning a CD with all the different versions of Hallelujah and asked the long-haired blonde-boy at Sounds about it. He didn't know but the taller version of him standing behind the counter said there was such a CD but it wasn't available in NZ yet. Oh, I said, that would make sense, maybe Rosie'd bought it from Amazon or something. I would hunt to find it.

I emailed Rosie to ask and she said she'd made the compilation disc herself - which is really cool - but makes me wonder what the long-blonde-drink-of-muso was talking about.

54-10 loss to the Bulldogs :(

Today is the last day of the League season. I didn't go to the Warriors last weekend as I was in Rotorua. Just as well in the end as I heard Brent Webb didn't play due to "disciplinary" reasons. (who's been a naughty boy, then) I saw him on television during the week in the Gilette Man of the Year or something (that competition where you had to txt in who you thought was the sexiest and I sent a vote in for Brent and they sent me back a men's shaving kit full of goodies so whomever would like to come stay the night at my house can use it in the morning!! (applications open)) with Torenzo whatsit the triathlete and that other dude and okay so I wasn't paying attention mostly due to the rippling muscle definition in Brents torso *phwrrr* as sonia said "you can pick'em Mish, now you just have to catch him"

Hold on, I need 90 seconds.




okay. ahem. where was I...

Yes, so we're off to the Warriors vs Bulldogs (we hate the doggies, don't we) by way of the Navy Base to pick up a cute sailor (one must always have a cute sailor on board) and hope the weather holds so we can enjoy the last game of the season in dryness.

Although it has been suggested that by buying a season pass I jinxed the Warriors *looks at my sister and her theories* I think there might be other reasons our team has finished so low on the points table. I am going to buy another pass for next season to prove it's not me. You'll see that when they start winning more than a handful of games.

Saturday brunch leftovers

Gawd my place is a mess. Not in the charming lived-in way but in that not-fit-for-human-habitation way. I get like this - you know I get like this. Someone, for the love of God, do my dishes! No, really, I've run out of coffee cups.