Monday Morning Rain

Eating poached eggs and missing the wonderful french toast experience from yesterday's brunch at Atomic Cafe in Ponsonby. But the really great news is I get to do it again in September when my sister, Joanne, come's up for her annual Sisters' Conference thing [Sunday, October 13, 2002]

they should've won but lost their feng shui somewhere around in the second half

It was a very sporty weekend - the Warriors lost to the Broncos and the All Blacks lost to the Australians. League and Union - liked the first live game, sat through the telecast second.

Nice to see the Bronco's Karmichael Hunt in the flesh, so to speak. No, I'm not having thoughts of cradle snatching this athletic 17 year old - mostly because I'd never be able to catch him should he scare and bolt [!!] He's very, very fast. I had to wonder if he kisses his mother with that mouth a few times but then he plays and I realise what a very bright future that young man has. He's fast as lightning, slippery as an eel and appears to *think* which makes his future look all the more promising.