FQ TOPIC: Childhood

FQ1: Where did you live out your childhood years?

In a small town in the central North Island of New Zealand called Rotorua. It's the geothermal tourist attraction of the country, and is often referred to as "Roto-vegas". It wasn't so much that then. Surrounded by many fresh water lakes and pine forests, it was a town that relied on the logging industry. There was a sulpheric smell that blackened silver and that most out-of-towners thought smelled like rotton eggs. But I always inhaled the scent and exhaled with "home" when coming back from holiday.

FQ2: As a child, what was your favorite toy, book, television show, and cartoon character?

I honestly don't remember a favourite toy. I loved my little blue transistor radio which I would listen to at night - Sunday nights especially as "I'm Sorry, I'll Read the Again" was on. My favourite book might have been The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis, though I also really liked The Water Babies and Charlottes Web. I was also hooked on the Laura Ingalls Wilder books too.

Favourite television show is easier: Dr Who. Of course there was the The Tomorrow People, Star Trek (though that was often on too late for me to see), Happen Inn/C'mon (music shows) and any cartoon from the Warner Bros especially those with Road Runner and Coyote of course. (Daffy Duck being a very close second).

FQ3: Charm us with a favorite childhood memory...

I keep thinking about all the time we spent at the beach as a family. Grandparents, parents, cousins, siblings, aunts and uncles. The walk to and from the beach from the bach was over stones and rocks that adult feet handled easily but seemed like a trek across the Andes to people with much shorter legs and smaller feet. But once we arrived at the spot on the gently curving, pale sands of the Bay of Plenty, our stay would be lengthy - often til after the sun disappeared behind the hills behind us, and our skin was browner'n berries with hair bleached blonde from salt and sea.

FQ PHOTO-OP: Show us a photo of just how adorable you were as a child.

cor, that was a long time ago - Michelle, 10 yrs old