30 Things

Heartily stolen from 35 Degrees (god i love lists).

30. Favourite Movie(s)? The Princess Bride, Blade Runner, Princess Mononoke
29. Favourite Colour: white on cream
28. Favourite Food? Gunnapenata (cubed beef bashed flat into breadcrumbs n' parmesan cheese and slowly fried in garlic butter)
27. Pet(s): I want a cat.
26. I would nominate as a holiday destination: Castaway Island, Fiji.
25. What talent do you wish you had? I wish I had a talent for Mathematics
24. 3 most precious possessions? my computers, my books, my quilting fabric
23. Favourite Artist(s): Marc Chagall, Shaun Tan, Degas
22. Favourite Song(s): Blister - Violent Fems, Throw your Arms - Hunters and Collectors, Possession - Sarah McLachlan, Not Given Lightly - Chris Knox, Perfect Drug - NIN, Figured Out - Nickelback, Tender - Blur, Ferry 'Cross the Mercy - Gerry and the Pacemakers.
21. Embarrassing moment: mis-stepping at the Loaded Hog being fairly loaded myself, smashing my glass of beer on the table as i fell and showering a table of very nice [as it turned out] Australian men in ale.
20. Perfect Job: Nasa Jet Propulsion Lab imaging expert or sports photographer.
19. If you were to be stuck on an Island 3 famous people you would choose? Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger and Colin Farrell. ...what?
18. What were you in a former life? A three toed sloth.
17. Three words to describe your dress sense? conservative, comfortable, creamy.
16. Favourite part of your body? my eyebrows
15. Favourite Smell? scent from the daphne flower
14. Whose poster did you have on the wall growing up? Peter Frampton
13. Favourite Memory? being at the beach with my dad
12. Your Fear? the dark, the deep, the unknown
11. All-time favourite TV Show: Dr Who
10. If you can be one animal, which one would you be and why? Orca - lately it's because I wonder what whale tongue tastes like.
9. Most adventurous thing you have done? White water rafting which I LOVED, and running away to Italy with no reservations or plans.
8. If your apartment/house caught fire what 3 things would you take? iBook, pillow, makeup.
7. First famous crush? Donny Osmond.
6. Favourite Book: anything illustrated by Shaun Tan
5. Favorite Fruit? Tamerillo
4. Favourite Drink? Vodka Martini, Gin and Tonic, Be'or.
3. Where were you born? Rotorua, New Zealand
2. Three words to use by others to describe you? talkative, stern, funny.
1. Favorite dessert? Pavlova