Gawd - I've completely lost the plot!

All I want to do is read about Saturn's rings, the Sun's spots, the Blue Dragon. I spent over an hour last night with a metal ruler, making sure my posters were straight. Guess what? my roof is crooked.

I have a "to do" list I mentioned earlier this week and it's *still* unticked - to an item! did I phone the doctor and change my appointment from next Wednesday to next month? no. Did I invoice this slew of clients for money they owe me? no. Did I update this website? no. Did I price this job? no. Did I story board this project that's _due today_? NO!

What have you been doing Michelle? reading Yes. Following every single one of's links? Yes. Drinking coffee with James all afternoon? yes. Watching DVDs at 3pm for the last couple of days? yes! Checking your site stats every FIVE MINUTES?? YES!!

What the hell is wrong with YOU?

And here I sit, with my coffee, pouring over old NANOWRIMO word counts for god-knows-what-end wondering who the hell is going to fire me or growl me or vote me off this mindless island.

LOST: One work feng shui. If found, please return to ASAP.