Last Month of Winter

Sitting on my hands, alternating between that and needing them to hold my cup of coffee. I'm beginning to think Auckland needs more snow - to lock up the moisture that makes everything so cold and damp. Outside the sky is huge and blue - the same blue you see on documentaries about antartic icefloes.

I'm on the cusp of shivering. The sun is streaming in through windows cooling it into bright frigid puddles of bright on my carpet. If I had a cat, I doubt she would have left my warm bed to sleep in these patches of false sunlight. Cat's are such sensible creatures when it comes to being warm. I, on the other hand, left the warm lavendar-sheeted nest to sit in my clean white office and play the hand-alternating game with my thighs and coffee cup.

Don't phone me and ask me if I'm sitting in the sunshine. Don't wonder if I am wearing my pyjamas while I work from home. Don't think that because my business acts remotely from others that it's a warm, cosy bed of roses. Because it's not. It's freaking freezing and when I say the heater is between my legs it's not to be sexy. I've never met a warm computer desk.

Amongst all this complaining there isn't much actual work being done. The "to do" list is comprehensively unticked as I move into the second half of the second day of my week. Yesterday I left my computer alone for most of it, venturing out into the world to buy the essentials of life. You know, the new Kill Bill posters, the new Cat In the Hat poster and order a new piece of furniture for my office that I'm almost positive won't even fit into my office.

And fish, I bought fish for dinner. Red Cod. And meat, I bought meat. and chicken, I bought chicken. And oysters. Then I ate four oysters while I cooked chicken korma for dinner. Mostly because I forgot I'd bought fish for dinner. But the korma was good and I've afixed the fridge with a post-it note suggesting I cook the red cod for dinner *tonight*.

Life is so complicated sometimes.

Mera: ���FYI The Window man is here today!
Michelle:���awww mannn *whines*
Mera:���I am sure he is feelling the same way! without the Park paparazzi focused on him today! [ Friday, May 17, 2002 (scroll right down to the very bottom) ]