I woke up this morning.

I woke with the alarm at 6am. Good, I thought: I am awake, as I need to be to start this day, and realised I was cold with the feather duvet folded back I snuggled down and enjoyed the comfort of warmth. I've been finding that three nights in a row - waking with major parts of me outside the comfort of the covers and very cold. Like the dreams. Every night of you in some way. But I don't remember past the alarm, like smoke or alzheimers or something.

I woke with the second alarm at 7:55am. Good, I thought: I was smart enough to set two alarms. I am awake again. I need to get up and get away before 8:30am. I can do that, I can do that. I dreamed about you and this time I remembered it. I'll be able to tell you this time.

I woke by myself, at 8:05am. Good, I thought: I didn't mean to fall asleep but no harm done. I am awake again and I still remember my dream. I need to get up, I'm running out of time to get ready. I don't want to be late.

I woke up again, at 8:05am. Good, I thought: It felt like a nap but no time has passed. I am awake and I have to get up. Pushing the covers back my feet on the soft carpet of my bedroom. I shower and dress. I make-up and I shoe myself. The keys from beside the door and my chequebook I leave on time for my appointment.

I pull out into traffic. I hope it's not too heavy on the motorway. I merge and I drive. Up ahead I wonder why the police in high visiblity vests are gathering on the side of the road. One waves me over and I think it's a little early for breath testing, isn't it?

I search for my license in my wallet, but she waives the $55 fine for failure to carry it as I realise I don't have it. I have my passport, that helped. My fine for exceeding the speed limit includes demerit points. 15kms over the speed limit - go me. Sitting with a radar gun at the bottom of the hill's a bit on-the-nose but hey, fair cop - I was speeding.

I am at home again after being in town, and being at the Plaza, and spilling curry on my sleeve, and helping write an essay and basically doing everyone's work but my own. The work still needs to be done so I'm blogging - cos that's nature's way, right?

I will do it though - before I bed - so I can wake up knowing it's done.

I will sleep again soon - and it will be good. I will snuggle down in the soft piles of pillows and snuck the feather duvet under my chin and close my eyes - rubbing my toes against the sheets and sliding happily into sleep. The first alarm will wake me then the second alarm will save me and my Friday will begin as Thursday did but hopefully won't cost me so much money.

I have forgotten the dream. That's probably good too.