The number of times, and altitudes, are astonishing. Fear not but how annoying, to not be heard but to be asked over and over, rabbits chewing but never digesting - might need a rabbits foot so watch out! Henry never did like milk in his tea, preferring lemon she made the effort to pluck a particularly juicey one for him. Addition on the calculator with a divide here and there to the scope of the estimated effort involved, written in prose just to confuse everyone and put to bed. Lights at night from space aren't so much humbling as they are worrying, and lets face it, my 60 watt lightbulb doesn't reach that far anyway. Simulation, stimulation, saliva makes things taste better so I'll gladly spit in your food. Hey did you see the polevaulting? surprisingly rivoting. I lost an address, uncharacteristically detailing vitals on a slip of whispy now very lost paper. Enough details retained to find the rest, but it took some doing.

Elven features, perfect pitch, eternally happy, completely aware. Doesn't give me the Willies but I wish it did.

I love you.

Pass the salt.