What's on the other channel?

I'm watching tv.. wanna watch with me? I channel surf so hold onto your hat.

On channel One we have the Olympics
Channel Two is Family Fear Factor
Channel Three has The Simpsons (3rd time today)
and Channel 4 has the Top 50 Rock Videos

so, Guns n' Roses are on C4 so it's back to C2 for us. I've been a big fan of Fear Factor in the past - my fondness for it has worn a little thin lately but I'm still glad to have it on my tv this evening. Parents and Children. No big boobs or pecs but mums n' dads and their offspring. First stunt: they have to walk along a thin woobly beam high over the water and snatch flags that dangle above. Because of the wind the last kid took over 30 minutes to get all her flags which was amazing tancity for a 12 year old. She and her mom were eliminated cos she took so freaking long.

*checks the simpsons* Bart seems to be liberating [stealing] the elderly.

*checks the Olympics* rowing.. oo New Zealand Coxless Pairs: Women (J Haigh/N Coles). Canada's leading right now.

*checks C4* oh Greeenday, When I Come Around number 33 - I have really shitty reception on this channel but it doesn't interfere with the sound. Haven't seen these guys in ages.

*Channel 2* Fear Factor - it's the gross stunt.. each child will be locked in a box and covered with cockroaches. The parent then has to remove roaches using only their mouth until the weight of the roaches is such that they can use a key ring full of keys and must find the right key to unlock the box and get the kid out.

*checks the simpsons* Smithers is doing a Titanic-esque sketch of Mr Burns.

*channel 4* oh yay.. Ed OBrian and Phil Selway talking to Jaqui Brown. It's interesting they are showing the video for High and Dry and it's not the one that they used to show. I bought the Radiohead DVD 7 TV Commercials a while back and saw this High and Dry video. The one I had remembered from television was different, being the band, outside, blue hued/black and white, desert-like, playing the song, then it started raining. yeh, I prefered that one.

*channel 3* Yay.. Star Wars:A New Hope- What a wonderful movie to put on a Saturday night to take away the sting of replacing the West Wing with the Olympics. Look, there are the ever-present 7 storm troopers and the asthmatic Darth Vader. Of course R2D2 is the most intelligent character bar none. Princess Leia has embedded her message into his memory banks and he and C3PO are about to jetisan themselves in an escape pod. Princess Leia is such a fiesty space chick. But she's no match for a storm troopers weapon set to stun. "Darth Vader, only you could be so bold." They've noticed the space pod has gone and they're gonna go down to the planet and check it out. It must be very difficult for droids to walk with sand in their joints. Especially R2D2's wheels.

*channel 4* - number 21 is Alice Cooper, Poison.

*channel 3* - the sand people look like they're gonna ambush the lone R2D2 oh no!

*channel 2* - okay so the mom and the boy won the car for the gross stunt on Fear Factor.. blech.. You could'nt pay me enough to put cochroaches in my mouth.

*channel 3* - Back to Star Wars and they've hoisted R2D2 into the hold of their sand tractor thingie and he's about to find the armless C3PO was captured before him. Oh here's one of those crappy director's cut scenes i hate with the stormtroopers on the planet surface figuring out the bolt they find in the sand is from a droid. what? you couldn't work that out by wheel tracks?. Now we meet Luke for the first time and find out he's a whinning farm boy. Meanwhile, back on the space ship Leia's continuing her fiestiness infront of insurmountable opposition from the Empire.

*c4* Number 29, Metallica - One.. or the One.. or whatever it is.. i hate Metallica.

*Channel 1* 100m Womens Butterfly

I might settle on Star Wars and save my poor weaky wristy - and your interest level.