FQ1: What is an activity that you can do better than anybody else you know?

Boil an egg to soft warm runny yolk perfection.

FQ2: What is a subject where you are smarter than anybody else you know?

Getting Away with Stuff - pick-pocketing in Science, thinking up sneaking-around things at boarding school, smoking in the toilets in the middle of the night etc etc

FQ3: What is a trait you possess that makes you superior to lesser humans?

I have the loudest voice around. My voice, when pitched right can cut through space and time. When I sing in church, people turn around to see who's making all that racket. When I laugh, the entire building hears me. My voice is bigger n' your voice. RAWRR!!!

FQ FICTION: Which of your many stellar accomplishments should be recorded in the history books?

I will be best remembered for my compassionate, considerate tolerance of others. My caring nature will be sorely missed and gratefully remembered by all those who were touched by my gentle soul.