Note to Self

Don't look at stars before breakfast - you know trying to see them in spatial terms freaks you out.

So I'm not sleeping - yeh yeh I'm going to make a graph to try'n plot if there's any pattern. I went to bed and I was warm and clean and blah, nothing. I turned the laptop on for a while and chased fishboy around the interweb [i'm a good stalker he didn't even notice] but even that didn't wear me out. I turned the lappy and the light off and tossed and turned and tried so hard not to check the clock over to see how long I'd not been sleeping. I still need my 8 hours [10 hours/14hours including intermission] sleep but when I get off to a late (2am/3am) start getting the 8 hours becomes difficult (it's just a matter of schduling in the end) I did dream though - always with the dreaming - I can't describe it because my dream environment was very ordinary but was IE version 6+ compatible but wasn't online and that made so much sense then and absolutely none now.

Waking up to the telephone this morning I've been up an hour already and out in the world and stuff. I'm going to eat breakfast and start my day - my plan is to work hard all day, breaking at lunch and _go_outside_ for_fresh_air_- I might drive over to Ed Brown's for coffee just to get out of the damned house. I had this thought that being inside working/fartarsingaround day in day out is what my problem is - if I get OUT and move AROUND and BREATHE I should be able to sleep tonight RIGHT?