Knit One Purl One

It seems so many people online are knitting. There appears to be a burp in the Craft Force of the Universe. All those little wool shops who have been struggling over the last 8 years or so might be glad they hung on as this Craft Generation kicks into high creative gear. It's a good thing too: it only takes a grandmother to not pass on her skills to her grandchild for them to be lost. My peers tend not to sew or knit or create household furnishings, and it was becoming a bit of a worry. Though, blogging about knitting scarves is a bit of a worry too but hey, I may have a J in my MyersBriggs profile but I don't *always* use it.

I, myself, am knitting a scarf at the moment - it's soothing and easy and growing by the day - it calls to me now actually, from the lounge where it had some attention earlier today. The wool is polyester/fluffy stuff that's so soft i can hardly feel it - Amy liked the wool and so I'm knitting it for her - she's so ill at the moment I want to wrap her up in soft, protective layerings. Though, mentioning it on here might be the kiss-of-death and I may never finish it.

[She took all those cell phone pictures in the last post, btw - with the exception of the Ed Brown huffer/jamjar tshirt boy - he was mine, as was the picture of Amy in the pink jumper]

Being a crafty person in the past, I feel the tug of purchasing expensive cottons, cutting them up and sewing them back together. When all this work madness finishes I am treating myself to a splurge at a quilting shop and patchworking a quilt top - though I now that I'm all into "knowing my limitations" i will be sending the top to be machine quilted rather than pretending I have the time/inclination to do it myself.

My books arrived from Amazon dot com too. I've had no time as yet to more than glance at them but they seem so interesting and again, I'm saving them as a treat when the madness ends.