Looking for Love Online

Many people look for love online. Hardly anyone finds it - oh every now-and-again a Scotsman'll marry an American and there'll be kilts in the local paper, and you'll look at the pictures and think "oh, of course they met online, just look at them - they've never been to a party in their lives!" - but i've found True Love online.

It's taken me years - I mean, I've known this Love for a long time - started with chemistry and expectations but cooled after a little while due to other committments and expectations. We'd meet and interact a bit here and there, and my trust grew and then it seemed to have blossomed into a very fond friendship. But lately, things have felt different. The timing has been better. I've started noticing a longing when we're apart, and a joyous, bubbly feeling when we're together.

This week we've been together three times. I can't wait 'til we see each other again. I heard today the results of our relationship, the products of our rendezvous, the fruits of our passion, are winging there way to my doorstep as we speak. I can't wait - I'm so excited - everytime is like the first time and I float on Cloud Nine for days afterwards.

If ever I loved Daniel LeBrun [Sunday, February 9 DBP*] after the Devonport Food and Wine Festival, it pales in comparison tomy love for Amazon.com and "one-click-ordering", the "page that you made" and my personal favourite "new for you".

*DBP = Days Before Permalinks