Sarah's Garden

It rained and rained today. And then in the afternoon it bucketed down. I was in-and-out in the rain most of the day. I bought myself one of Sarah's Garden's new mugs (its the Mug Green one) and now I'm drinking hot lemon-barley and thinking it's the perfect mug for that beverage.

The woman in the store remembers me from when I bought the teapot a few years back. She must have a sharp memory. She knows I don't want to buy the entire set, but I like to get pieces I like. I saw a beautiful piece while I was in Sydney and I wish like crazy I'd had the brain power to have bought it. I've never seen it here nor in any catalogues or at the Wedgewood site. It was a china lemon juicer, and it was even on sale and I picked it up and put it down about half-a-dozen times and knew I would regret not buying it, but my sensibles butted in saying things like "you don't want to travel with china in your luggage, what if it breaks, what if it cracks." and "you can get this at home, don't be a silly-mish, put the lemon juicer down and step away from the China Department."

Sometimes it pays to listen to your sensibles but sometimes it doesn't.

If you will look to the left, you will notice some of the Interweb's largest known link buttons. Please do not be alarmed, but we suggest you keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times. You might even note, that there are a few additions to the list. Danny Gregory scans lots of his drawings and shows them on his site Everyday Matters; Effing the inEffable is a kiwi guy who has just moved to Australia - I like him for a couple of reasons, but most of all because he links back to me - I love people who do that happy sigh; and New Zealand dot com really is a very attractive site with information and nice images from around the country.

This is a very nice little button generator for those of you who prefer the new fashion of *small*.

Lana's still really sick. That really sucks.