Private Investigator (not really)

Yachts on the Tamaki River

I took this photograph the other morning - Monday, I think - but it's taken me this long to post it. My photos never do their subjects justice. I marvel at sites like's ability to publish such beautifully coloured photographs. And this, from Heather Champ is abso-freaking-beautiful.

My camera's not great, you know, but at least it takes fuzzy pictures.

Today I picked up my business cards - only took 5 months to get around to doing it. I tried to *design* my business card, but didn't like anything very much at all so decided the only thing for it was to type my name and my business and print that on plain white card. This weekend I'm going to throw paint at them and see what i come up with.

A while ago, kv gave me the wonderful gift of business cards "Private Investigator (not really)" makes people smile every single time - I've been handing them out recently, that's how I know.

Tonight I've been uncharacteristically horizontal on my couch watching all four of the TV channels - there are a few more but that's all I can get on my old console television. I can imagine the designers saying "Four channels should be enough for anyone." back in the day. After watching Girl, Interrupted I remembered how much I dislike Wynona Ryder. She's okay when she's asleep. It's all the stuff she does awake in movies I don't particularly like.

Lana Coc-Kroft isn't very well - I hope she gets better as quickly as she got sick. Or quicker, even.