See Jane Run

The moon is huge and heavy and cool this evening. I big ripe chilled lunar globe. It's cold tonight, so the sky is extra dark but for the glow of light reflecting from the moon. Amazing really - someone should take a photograph of it and put it on their webpage.

I'm reading a new book! Yes, rejoice and tell your neighbours - I finally finished The Last Samuri. I've just started reading Victoria Finlay's Colour. This is the book I would have reseached and written, had I thought of the idea first. And had the wherewithall to travel all the places I needed to. And could write. And had a sense of adventure. And liked meeting new and strange people and asking them lots of questions. If all those things had fallen into line my Feng Shui would have set me on the same path as the author's because this is the coolest book ever. Well, *as* cool as Nature's Building Blocks *for sure*.

The quest for the origin of dyes and pigments is separated into colours. First is Ochre and that's where I am. Victoria rediscovered man's first colour on a trip to Italy to see cave paintings and she travelled as far as Australia to learn more about this sometimes sacred paint.

I found this book in Sydney the other week but didn't have the eyeballs to read it at the time. It fits nicely into my purse and I hope to read it on the ferry in the mornings. Tonight on the way home I left Colour for the mornings, and snuggled into a seat at one of the tables on the ferry, plugged in my headphones on my laptop and watched the production extras from my X-Men DVD boxed set that I impulse purchased over the weekend. What a delicious way to spend 30 minutes on the way home.

PS: Remember the bad old days when you had to disconnect from the internet to order pizza? And now you can not only order online, you can txt through a pizza order. Technology is grand.