Bus Driver's Hope

you just finishing work, Lady?
yep - it feels more like a Friday than a Monday though, not quite sure why.
yep - and the weather is changing, time to go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.
I'll say - time to break out my winter coat!
Ah well, the secret is to work hard.
Yep - work hard and stay honest.
Yep - work hard and stay honest and save money.
Nice to think you can save - I'm terrible at it.
Well, there's always the LOTTO.
*laughs* yep, someone has to win, right?
Yep - you ever play?
Sometimes - I buy a $5 Luckydip when I do.
Me? I spend $20 every week. Ever since I come to this country I spend $20 on the LOTTO every week.
Wow. Are you lucky? do you win?
Nope. Never won a thing.
What, never?
Nope, nothing. But every week I buy $20 tickets cos someone has to win, right?
Yep, someone has to win.