It's stark, and incomplete - but the move from Blogger to MoveableType is underway.

I don't have an official reason for this move - Blogger was, and continues to be utterly fabulous. I just wanted a change so along with the design (another work in progress at present) I wanted an easier way to manage this site. Not that it's difficult in blogger, just that the unweildly growth of this site since 1998 means there's so much to be dusted and cleaned out I just went for a clean sweep.

Busy'ness at work is keeping these changes in the slow lane, but hopefully by the end, more stuff'll work than it did before and people who are looking for stuff will be able to find it. Plus, I might even learn something - wouldn't that be nice.

Team Jar members - I will be emailing you access details soon (when i say soon you know i mean as soon as i can which mightn't be as soon as, say, a person who is faster might manage)