To Procrastinate

To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.

It's an art in itself, I have decided. The amount of creative energy needed to procrastinate is staggering. I don't consider lying in bed or on the couch watching television is not procrastination, that's just "not doing anything". Anyone can do that, that takes little to no skill what-so-ever. To truly find other things to do and convince yourself they are *more* important than the thing you really *need* to do is what procrastination is all about. And when it's executed correctly, is a truly beautiful thing.

Sometimes, however, procrastination can turn ugly. When you start procrastinating over your procrastination tasks so not even your delusional priorities are being attended to, you know [or more likely you won't know] you need serious help and/or medication.