FQ TOPIC: Routine.

FQ1: Describe your morning routine on work/school days, from the time you wake up until you leave.

I work from home. On a *good* morning (which has been lately and for the last few weeks) I wake up at about 5:30am. I look at my clock and think "yay, it's 5:30am I don't have to get UP" and roll over in my bed and snooze back to sleep. This is when I dream the dreams I remember. Then I wake up again and look at the clock and notice it's 5:58am and I think "sweet, 2 minutes before the alarm, I'll switch it OFF" and do so, rolling over once again and dozing back to sleep. Next I wake and it's 6:23am and I am happy because I need to be up and dressed by 6:30am so I get up, check my email and pull on some clothes. Simon's amazed when he arrives (on the mornings he does) to find me up and dressed. I drop him off at work and come home by 7am to eat a plate of cereal/instant porridge and a cup of tea while I check my email and round the "traps" online. I will work from about 7:30am until I hear the toot of my walking buddy Sue at about 8:15-30am. We drive down to Bucklands beach and walk the length of it and back - about 40 mins then back home again. That's why I'm often in the shower at 9:30am! By the time I'm dry, dressed and have a cup of coffee in my hand it's 10am and I set down to work my day.

this would have been an awesome FridayQ back when I worked in my last job and often slept in. My mornings resembled those of Mr Bean when he's late for work panicing to get to the ferry by 8:15am.

FQ2: Now describe your morning routine on NON-work/school days (weekends, holidays, etc.).

Sunday mornings - I LOVE sunday mornings. I wake without an alarm - several times as I do on weekday mornings but I'm much happier about the "going back to sleep" part. on the 3rd or 4th waking, I haul my laptop from beside the bed and snuggle down to check email, see who's online/inthe chat room etc. If there's no one, I might doze off again. If there's someone, I often grab a coffee and come back to chat. After a while, either way, I'll probably blog and read blogs and all sorts of internetty things. There're usually friends online Sunday mid-morning as the aussies wake up and the nightowl americans/brits stagger in drunk *not looking at anyone in particular Amoeba* and watch movie trailers *love movie trailers* I get out of bed about 11am/12am/1pm and then do other stuff. Hell though sometimes i just go.back.to.sleep!! I love sundays.

FQ3: And finally, describe your night-time routine before you go to bed.

Night-time routine is 'net centric too. again because of the time differences, staying up late catches the good chatters - with Brisbane being 3 _whole_ hours behind at the moment, staying up late is sometimes rewarded with Phet showing up. Barb's usually around from the States and Fishboy is sometimes on MSN from Sydney. Sometimes Rosie pops on before her bedtime.

Every night before I go to bed I clean my make-up from my face, tone and moisturise, brush my teeth and hair then climb into my pyjamas. sometimes I might shower before bed but mostly that depends on how cold it is and whether i need to warm up or not.

SO, yeh, night routine is chat, coffee, chat, coffee, blog, chat, tea, cleanse/tone/moisturise, brush teeth, pyjamarise, bed, not sleep, not sleep, get up, hot milk, internet, wander around, bed, sleep.

FQ Fantasy: You've won 100 million dollars in the lottery! Re-write your morning routine one month from now!

Every day'd be SUNDAY!! Except in a month I'd have *hired* someone to bring me coffee in the morning and have more pillows to snuggle against. Plus, I wouldn't have to logon to chat with anyone, I'd have them flown *in* to brunch with me on my own small island in the pacific. Fresh mango, good coffee, and warm temperatures.