stupid sunday shopping

I dislike shopping at the best of times [except good book shops (no, Whitcoulls isn't one), glittering costume jewelry, Origins, Art supply stores, CD stores and Payless Plastics] but I always hate *all* shopping when there are lots n' lots of people out/in the store.

Sunday: last one in November: fine weather: YUK.

What? do these people think they're out for a Sunday meander? so.many.people so.little.direction AND my kingdom for a car park. One of the worst things about my memory is my inability to remember this from one year to the next.

I picked things up. I put them down. I found 2 CDs I wanted but the Sounds boys could only find one of them *shame* so Now I'm listening to the John Butler Trio and it's good but I have to wait til Sounds find The Veils before I can listen to that.