Silk Purses and Sow's Ears

I know James has problems with my descriptions when I say things like "random specific" but it's in the same spirit I suggest my hair is a long-short style.

It was all out of control and flicking people in the street. I popped in this morning and had it reined in. I took a picture but it fails to show the body and makes me look all long-in-the-face and mug-shotty - but it's the best I can do given the budget.

Feeling a lot less bruised on my insides today. I must be a delicate wee thing *cough* I woke up again during Wednesday's "thing" and they had to give me more stuff to knock me out. I also remember them telling me to breath more than a few times. Apparently I kept holding my breath but I guess thats cos at times it HURT LIKE HELL.

I was pretty happy afterwards - asking my doctor if i could pxt him for the blog, he declined. And getting lost in reception when Greg left me alone for a second to get the car. I got all bewildered and wandery. Apparently they're used to that in reception.

So that's the update. Everything's good under the hood.