Sunday Morning

Why This Morning is a Good Sunday Morning

1. Waking up this morning - turning squinting eyes to the clock to see 7:31am and for a fleeting flash groaned because I'd slept in and would have to rush for the ferry. Then smiled and smooshed my face into my warm feather pillows realising it's Sunday and I don't have to budge at *all*.

2. I managed to set up Internet sharing between my computers - which says a lot about the simplicity of the operation than the cleverness of me.

3. CuteFTP comes Mac flavoured now.

4. It's a beautiful day.

5. I have marmite toast and a cup of tea.

6. I found out where my phone is. Seems I didn't lose it so much as someone picked it up by mistake. I should get it back this afternoon.

7. Although I've known about running schedules for downloading online content for viewing offline, I've never used it. Last night I set schedules for my favourite webpages, set my computer to automatically start in the morning and download them to my laptop so I can read them on my iBook when I'm not connected to the internet.

8. I love my Macintosh computers.

I have a large list of things I need to do today - not the least of which is tidying my bedroom. It looks like someone's ransacked the room and not taken anything. It's clothes. I dislike anything to do with clothes except making them. I especially hate the laundering part of the whole clothes process. Although I *love* my washing machine, I hate the pegging-clothes-out, remembering-to-bring-them-in and the folding-and-putting-them-away parts of the process.

If I was a Maths-whiz I'd express my problems with laundry by saying "I dislike 60% of the laundering process."

Jo - click here for a picture of Delany in Cuba Mall.
Check back here for Allania soon.