Phone, phone home

So, I'm at work now and my phone's not here either. It's flat, so it won't ring when I dial my number. I wonder where the heck it is.

I have a blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee from the Seattle Cafe. It's misty rain and the ferry ride was cool, and blew plenty of the night-time cobwebs from my brain.

Last night Magnummac delivered my iBook and my Macromedia software. The laptop is more beautiful than I could imagine. It's not white, but a very soft, warm grey - a buffed grey maybe, hmm. I chose one of the multicoloured Apple wallpapers for the background [important information] and I just had to sigh with the complete beauty of the clean harddrive, spase desktop, dock on the lefthandside [because that's my preference]. I'll continue to utilise my clam-shell iBook - it's still really snappy and beautiful to use - it's just so heavy to carry everywhere.

So, now, I have all my software updated and computers up to specification. For those of you that don't know yet I've resigned from my full-time job. From the 2nd of February, I will be a freelance Multimedia Designer, working from home and hanging out in dodgey cafes complaing about small clients and slow bill payers and the price of coffee.

It wasn't a really difficult or time consuming decision in the end - although I'd been actively looking for alternative employment for a good 6 months - life has a way of showing you which way you need to be going by shutting a few doors in other directions.