I was ready for the

I was ready for the fact it is a *middle* movie. I was ready for the special effects to be cheesey (primed by Spiderman and DareDevil especially, not to mention the trailers for the move themselves). I was ready for the overlong first half. I was ready for Keanu's bum. What I wasn't ready for, was the level of corn.

I didn't hate it. I didn't even dislike it. I thought it was beautiful. I really liked the cinematography. I hated the incidental music. I felt as if a sixth-form-english student wrote the script. Keanu is beautiful. I would have edited it tighter, and assumed a level of intelligence from my audience.

Tonight, I finally saw The Matrix: Reloaded. At last - I know - Ms Midnight Session took *this* long to see it. And I want to see it again. But I think I laughed far too much and in all the wrong places.