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*note to self* bloooger.com is not what you're looking for. (typo due to two coffees and a V)

Marshall is away. Away in America. He phones sometimes to talk to us. He uses one phone. He is One and he has one phone. We talk to him. We are Many. We Many use one phone. We huddle around the talking device, his american accent thinned by the low quality speaker behind the plastic grill. We huddle around the phone like cavemen around a fire. Imagine, if cavemen were us, and the fire was a phone. We huddle around this piece of technology and his voice comes to us milliseconds after its left his mouth 12,000 miles away. Not much like cavemen and fires afterall. More like, Charlie and His Angels.

Rosie is Drew Barrymore, because she can't remember the old Charlie's Angels and seems to have a crush on the actress according to the index of her DVD collection. We'll call Drew's character the "Naked Angel" because that's the only part of the movie I can remember. I can remember the original Angels, but choose to be one of the new angels - "Chinese Angel" : Thingi Li. We have three other members of staff - two managers and a receptionist who can be Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith and Farrah Fawcett [Majors] (ah.. Sabrina, hm.. ahh.. what the hell were the other names?) (confusing characters with actresses but its all based on a true story so it's okay, right?) (googled... Farrah was Jill Monroe, Kate was Sabrina Duncan, Jaclyn was Kelly Garrett. then you have your Shelly Hacks (Tiffany Wells) and Cheryl Ladds (Kris Monroe) but we had enough "going" where we went and we're NOT going there)

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